Bosch Air Conditioner Climate 5000i53 (1.0 Ton) Heat & Cool

Efficient (up to 25 SEER rating) and super quiet (as low as 20 dBA)
Simplified installation and maintenance, no ductwork required
Multi-part air filter system cleans air, reduces potential allergens and odors
Single and Multi Zone configurations for maximum indoor comfort.

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Main Features differentiating from Climate 3000i :

  • Have full control with 3D Swing function where you can accurately control vertical and horizontal movements of louver
  • Bringing special Ionizer and Bio filters while providing high air quality for the wellness of your loved ones
  • ErP Efficiency level of A+++ for cooling with SEER up to 8.5.
  • Differentiating design features


Sleep Mode

The function enables the air conditioner to automatically increase cooling or decrease heating 1 per hour forthe first 2 hours, then holds steady for the next 5 hours, after that it will switch off. This function maintains both energy saving and comfort at night

Turbo Mode
By activation of Turbo Mode, the fan is started automatically with maximum speed to cool down or heat up the
room as soon as possible.

Follow Me
In normal conditions, the air -conditioner measures the room temperature by means of the sensor placed inside indoor units body. By activating the Follow Me function, the temperature measurement is performed by the sensor built in the wired or wireless remote controller. This allows to maintain accurate temperature in the user location.

Wind Avoid Me
Breeze away function avoids wind blowing directly on you by using the remote to adjust the wind direction.

Anti-cold air function
When Air -conditioner starts in heating mode, fan speed depends on indoor unit heat exchanger temperature.
This can prevent cold air blowing out at the beginning, which avoids the discomfort to the user . A/C waits to blow
until heat exchanger is heated enough.

24h Timer
This function allows you to program the time of automatic turning on and off the air -conditioner for 24 hours.

ECO Mode
Enable this function to start air -conditioner operation for 8 hours in economy mode. This results in reduction in
energy consumption to even 60% in comparison with operation in the conventional mode.

Gear Change
Gear Change function offers three operating power options depending on which capacity you like to use the air conditioner: 50%, 75% and 100%. You can choose a lower power level to conserve energy.

Auto Swing
Distributes cool/warm air to the maximum area by moving horizontal aps automatically. (both vertical and
horizontal flaps in case of Climate 5000i ).

Auto Restart
In case of a power outage, the air -conditioner records all recent settings and automatically restores the m when
the power comes back.

LED Display
If you want to check the function status, just press your remote button. Bosch digital display will show the temperature to you.

Dry Mode
Dry Mode (Dehumidification function) removes the excess moisture from the air providing you better air condition as a result.

Mute Mode
Want to turn off the AC beep and display? By pressing mute operation, Bosch A/C helps to give you a quiet and
comfortable sleep.

Silence Mode
When the Silence function is activated, the compressor will operate at low frequency and the indoor unit will
bring faint breeze, which will reduce the noise to the lowest level and create a quiet and comfortable room for

Bio, high density and cold catalyst Filters
The BIO filter retains the suspended fine dust particles and neutralizes bacteria, fungi and germs. The enzyme
contained in this filter kills bacteria, thus eliminating the bacterial repopulation issue.
Cold Catalyst Filter, eliminates formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well as harmful gases and odors . Meanwhile, High Density Filter provides reduced diameter of the filtration netting mesh is a factor to increase filter efficiency up to 80% in comparison with traditional filters used in other air-conditioners, leaving the air fresh and clean.

Indoor unit will continue running at special combined mode to blow and dry indoor evaporator after the unit is
switched off so as to keep it clean and healthy.

Performance at -15 /+50
-Performance even at -15°C!
You should not be afraid of the cold winter!
The built-in low ambient kit adjusts the outdoor unit fan speed to the condensation temperature. This enables
cooling operation at external temperatures as low as -15 °C. Bosch air conditioners provide optimum heating
performance, even at outdoor temperatures of -15°C.
-Performance even at +50 °C!
The hot summer days won’t bother you anymore! You will enjoy efficient cooling even at very high outdoor temperatures , during summer, of up to 50 °C.

Other features

i-Remote: Main Functions can be changed by modifying programs of remote controller. You can design your
most comfortable settings and delete those you don’t need .
Louver swing 2D: Louver can be positions vertically in up or down direction.
Louver position memory function: Horizontal louver will automatically move to the same position as you set it
last time when the unit is turned on .
4 Stepless Fan speed: Fan operates in low, medium, high, auto speeds as well as offering stepless and
seamless fan speed, ensuring accurate control for comfortable air flow
Self Diagnosis: In the event that failure in operation is encountered, the unit automatically turns off and display
relevant error code, what significantly facilitates diagnosis and repair.
Refrigerant Leakage Detect : If the unit detects refrigerant leakage, a message EC will appear on the indoor
unit display and the air -conditioner stops operation. This function additionally protects the compressor against

1 W Standby : Intelligent on-off technology enables the ACs automatically enter energy -saving mode when
standby, cut energy consumption from normal 5W to 1W per hour which counts 80%-90% of saving.
Defrost function: Anti -frost function keeps the room temperature above 8 and prevents freezing when the house is not occupied during winter, especially while you are away.
Standart modes: Cooling, heating, dry, fan and auto modes selection.

Key Messages:

  • High cooling efficiency with A+++ performance in mid -price rangee
  • Designed in Germany with unique and exclusive roundagon look
  • Accessible premium of new Bosch A/C range leading a sell -up route


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