BOSCH Stainless Steel 60cm Built-in Oven HBJ354YS0M

The 3D hot air, conventional heat, hot air grilling, pizza setting, bottom heat, defrost, hot-air gentle, and full-width variable grill heating methods are available on the Bosch Stainless Steel 60cm Built-In Oven HBJ354YS0M.

Authorized Dealers:

LCD display control, white: easy-to-use thanks to direct access to additional functions.

Pop-out controls: for an easy-to-clean front.

EcoClean Direct: almost no cleaning is necessary thanks to a special coating of the rear- and side walls and the roof that automatically absorbs grime and a regeneration program.

EcoClean Direct, the energy-saving cleaning aid, makes oven cleaning easy. A special coating of microfine ceramic spheres on the interior oven walls and roof breaks down grease spatters while you bake or roast – for the entire service life of the appliance. Saving you time and energy.

Flap door with SoftClose: the oven door closes especially gently and quietly.

Oven doors are now more convenient than ever: A special damping mechanism prevents oven doors from slamming shut. As you gently push the door shut, it stops just before closing and then shuts itself gently and quietly, thus guaranteeing a long life for both your oven and the oven door.

2-stage normal telescopic rails: for safe, easy insertion and removal of baking trays.