BOSCH Hand Mixer 450W White MFQ36460

This hand mixer fits perfectly in your hand — includes special bowl with stand


Stand and bowl for comfortable hands-free operation.

Let your handy kitchen assistant do all the hard work for you. The stand and bowl ensure hands-free operation and perfect mixing results thanks to the rotating bowl. All ingredients are optimally processed and even large quantities of dough can be mixed effortlessly.

High power for excellent results.

Handle any task with ease. With the high power, yet silent motor you’ll achieve excellent results for any baking or cooking challenge. From mixtures for cakes, to heavy doughs, it is even powerful enough to drive various accessories – making it easy to prepare a variety of your favourite recipes.

Stainless steel tools for any baking idea.

High quality tools bring speed to every mixing, beating and kneading task. With the stainless steel turbo whisks it’s easy to whip cream, beat egg whites and prepare airy or fluffy mixtures. The sturdy dough hooks are perfect for heavy ingredients such as homemade bread – making baking a pleasure.

Comfortable and safe handling.

Effortless mixing with maximum comfort. The ergonomic handle with soft touch coating fits perfectly into any hand and ensures a relaxed and secure grip – for better control at every speed. The lightweight housing is comfortable to hold, making work easier and less tiring.

Full mixing control thanks to five speeds.

Remain in control at all times with a simple slide. Thanks to a wide range of speeds with five settings you can mix any recipe to your desired consistency, from slowly mixing in ingredients to whipping egg whites at maximum speed. The turbo function gives you an extra burst of power whenever you need it.

Easy eject button for easily switching tools.

Switch whisking and kneading tools conventiently. The easy eject button releases tools with one simple touch. Switch accessories while working or for dishwasher cleaning at the touch of a button.