Rhymes of the Legal Times

Yo yo yo, listen up, I got some legal rhymes

From nvocc service agreements to zero hour contracts times

Electricity market rules and the documents you need

For selling your house, I got the legal feed

Starting with nvocc service agreements

Understanding the basics for legal compliance, it’s got some statements

Next up, the electricity market rules

Guidelines and regulations, don’t be no legal fools

Check out these samples of agreement

Templates for various contracts, get your legal statements cemented

Labour zero hour contracts, don’t be a square

Find out more at nayasanchar if you dare

Now onto general requirements construction

Legal guidelines and regulations, make sure you make no deduction

Thinking about selling your house, what do you need?

Essential documents, so you don’t mislead

Looking for law firms in Kentucky for legal advice?

For legal services and attorneys, these are very nice

Thinking about covenant contracting? Get that legal guidance

And expert advice, don’t leave it to chance

Finally, animal cruelty law in the Philippines is no joke

Understanding the legislation, don’t let it provoke

And if you need help, the law society can provide

Free legal assistance, they’ll help you ride the legal tide