According to the terms and conditions of Glubzai Group, a user can claim the warranty of the product in case of any technical issue within 3 months of the purchase. After this time, the warranty will become null and void. A customer has to bear the transportation charges of heavy products including Air Conditioner, Fridge, Dispenser, washing machine, etc.

If a product is physically damaged by misuse or due to an accident, the Glubzai electronics will not bear any warranty or replacement.

Glubzai electronics will test the warranty claim by checking and analyzing the electronic products. A thorough and complete investigation will be done by the technical experts of Glubzai Bosch. After this process, a user’s claim will be verified. The company will provide any decision after this whole process of testing and checking.

Glubzai group which is a leading electronic company in Pakistan will not entertain any warranty if the customer does not have a receipt of the product. A receipt is an authentication that the product is purchased from an authorized retailer and the date of purchase. Both factors are essential to claim a warranty. Therefore, the need for receipt is significant to claim a warranty.

The period for warranty varies from product to product and from area to area. Once a product reaches a customer center, technicians check it completely, and then the problematic component will go for replacement. Thus, there is no specified time, once a product is ready and the replacement is done, the customer will be informed. After this confirmation, he can pick the product from the informed destination. A customer may bear the transportation and service charges of the product.

The Glubzai group will not entertain any claim after the time limit of three months. There is one more essential thing if the product is purchased from an unauthorized retailer, the company will not bear any responsibility for the products and its warranty. The company is responsible for only those purchases that are done from official franchises and retailers. Adequate support will be provided to the customers by Glubzai Group, a leading electronic company.